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Get Your Marketing Funnel Working For You

Create a Killer Free Offer For your Marketing Funnel

If you have an effective marketing funnel, every new customer represents not just a single sale, but a series of sales that increases the average life time value (LTV) of your customer base. But the success of your online business requires driving new customers into your sales funnel.

While there are many techniques for driving traffic into your sales funnel, one of the easiest and most affordable is to create a squeeze page on which offer for free something your niche’s customers will perceive as having high value. This is known as a “killer offer”.

Developing your killer offer can be broken down into a 6-step process:

Step 1 – Research the Competition – What Marketing Funnels Are Working

marketing funnel free offer2Providing a free killer offer in exchange for a prospective customer’s personal information –email address, phone number, etc. – on a squeeze page is nothing new. It’s the exact same platform that many of your competitors currently are using to drive traffic to their marketing funnels.

The first step of creating your killer offer, then, is simply seeing what other Internet marketers within your niche are offering as the giveaway on their squeeze pages. You can expand your research by looking at killer offers on squeeze pages outside your niche as well.

Step 2 – Polling Your Existing Base

The best source of determining what your future customers want is your existing customers. Create a short survey that asks such questions as:

  1.   What are the biggest problems related to (your niche) that you currently are  experiencing?
  2.   How to you prefer to consume content: Video, PDF, audio files, links?
  3.   What type of content do you like best: Step-by-step tutorials, personal narratives, case   studies, or other types of content?

Step 3 – Brainstorm a List of Potential Ideas

marketing funnel free trialTake the information provided by your existing customers and use it to brainstorm a list of potential killer offers. Don’t hold back or be afraid to think outside the box. The purpose of brainstorming is to come up with as many ideas a possible so that you can whittle them down to the two or three best ideas later to use in your marketing funnel.

Step 4 – Settle on the Best Idea and Format

Using your brainstorming list, your research on what your competitors are offering, and your existing customers’ input, develop a single killer offer and format that you want to offer for free, within your marketing funnel, on your squeeze page.

Step 5 – Build a Framework for Your Killer Offer

marketing funnel free offerIt’s time to transform your killer offer from an abstract idea to a genuine product that you can give away on your squeeze page. You can create it entirely on your own by coming up with a few basic central concepts, building a framework around these themes, then filling in the offer with content.

Another option is to see if a similar product already exists as a Private Label Rights (PLR) product that you can either offer as is or modify to fit your needs.

Step 6 – Promote Your Killer Offer on Your Squeeze Page

Once you have created your killer offer, post it on your squeeze page and monitor how responsive your visitors are to it. You may need to tweak it so that it is more appealing and converts more visitors into customers.

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