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Tips For Starting An Online Home Business

Are you thinking about starting an online business business?  If so, I’ve put together 4 critical tips you should be aware of before you take the plunge and invest in an online business.

  1. Be Persistent.

First, prepare for a steep learning curve when starting an online home business. Before launching any online business or enterprise, take considerable time researching and talking to people with experience in the e-commerce and home business space. That’s not to say you can’t get started immediately and making money quickly but never stop pushing and asking questions.

starting an online business business

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One of the best things I did, and that’s after floundering for nearly 12 months, making a few sales here and there. I reached out to someone who had walked the walk and was among the top three money earners in the field I was in. He is the youngest internet millionaire working online today and he now has multiple million dollar businesses, all using the power of the internet.

I was able to leverage his success and ultimately learn a lot of his tips and secrets and this is what helped me on the road to success today. So now I use and model exactly what he has done and what works.

BUT, although its great to learn, watch a zillion webinars, training videos, read countless articles etc it means nothing if you do not apply what you learn.

Don’t worry thinking you are not good enough, just get out there, do a video of what you have learned, write a blog, post it on Facebook or your website, then email your list and let them know about this awesome training you have put together for them.

With the thousands of new people coming online every week, you know 99% more about your business and how it works than the average person out there, so what you have to say is valuable.

  1.   Have A Clear Vision.

Particularly in the uncertain early days when you start your online home business journey – the obstacles could feel insurmountable.

You can’t help but doubt yourself. That’s where a strong vision, I think for any entrepreneur, becomes so crucial. If you hadn’t believed in the company on a deeper level than simply its financial potential, you may lack the necessary motivation to persevere.

So you must know your “why”. Why did you get started in your business in the first place? What made you take out your credit card and buy the product and get started in this business?

Once you know the answer to this question clearly in your mind, I suggest you write it down. Because sure enough somewhere down the track, your resolve may falter you may become overwhelmed, things not working out, so you can go back to your “why”, take the necessary steps and get back on track.

Some of the reasons I got into this business are:

  • To be able to live our lives fully in retirement
  • To be able to travel
  • To be able to live where we want
  • To not have to worry about money matters
  • To be able to help our family
  • To be able to retire my husband from a stressful job (this has since happened)

We realized we could have this amazing life, help other people gain their financial independence, there was no stopping us.

And, as is often the case, with risk comes reward.  Incredibly, in my second month working this business I made over $9,500. This cemented in my mind that, yes, this was possible, I had made the right decision to get started, I was in the right place.  All I had to do was be persistent and keep doing exactly what I had been taught by my personal coach what to do.

starting an online business business

The home business model I chose was MOBE, this is a Top Tier business and I invested a significant amount of money so that I would be in the top position to gain the maximum commission payments. And I’m talking $1,250, $3,300, $5,500 and even $10,000 commissions, so really it was a no-brainer for me.

Top Tier is basically a fancy term for a system selling “high ticket” products or services, rather than depending on low ticket products and “high volume” to get sales. With Top Tier, it’s possible to make in day what you would make in an entire year in residuals from a similar business!

A Top Tier business allow you to make maximum profits from day one through selling high ticket programs. Going digital allows you higher profit margins.

Having Top Tier products is a must if you want to generate high revenue because of what it takes to advertise and grow a business successfully and rapidly.

You simply can’t run a 100k plus business selling low-end products, no matter how incredible it is or what others may tell you.

     3.  Don’t Fear The Competition.

Sometimes, inexperience is an advantage when starting an online home business. Yes, going up against more established industry leaders can be a daunting prospect, but listen and learn from them. One tip is to unsubscribe from all the noise and interruption in your email inbox. Don’t jump from one shiny object to the next.  Online marketers will be trying like mad to get you to buy their product or service, stop these distractions and don’t let them take your mind away from the road you have chosen.  In short – unsubscribe.

Put all your effort into one product, master it, profit from it and tweak it, then scale up.

It’s a fact that often people are right on the cusp of making big money in their chosen internet business, but they see something else and move on, right at the time when they would could have made a killing with the original product. Don’t waste time and money doing this!

  1. Do It With Someone You Trust.

Before launching into any online home business venture, be it online or off, do your due diligence, research and check out the company, CEO, founder. Be comfortable that you will be able to get all the support and expertise that you will need to succeed.

Is there sufficient training? Are there workshop you can attend?

When I joined MOBE, I not only researched the founder, Matt Lloyd (who was a fellow Australian and being biased that helped!) but I also checked out the person who had referred me to the company.

starting an online business business

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As it turned out that person has become my mentor and friend and helped me on the road to success in my business. Something I am so grateful for. Everything I have learned from him, I can offer to you to get you off to a fast start making the kind of money you deserve.

To learn more about the business system I chose click here.

So choose who you join in business as it should be for the long term with someone you know, like and trust.

I hope my article inspires you into starting an online business business!

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