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Roxy our Sailing Dog

We’ve Had Roxy for Nearly 3 Years Now and She Has Become Quite a Sailing Dog!

At first we weren’t sure how she would go on the boat, as our previous dog Karma would get sea-sick!  So unfortunately it was kinder to leave her home when we went out sailing.  So when Roxy came  along, I was keen to try her out on the boat and see if she was ok being our sailing dog.

Well she relished it.  Whenever we go down to the boat, she’s first there – ready to jump on board.  She has taken a few spills though.  Just last weekend, she leapt aboard while I wasn’t looking and in so doing pushed the boat away from the jetty – splash!  she fell in.  We got her to swim around to the jetty ladder and scooped her out – quick shake and all good!

Roxy our sailing dogThis picture was taken as we were just coming home – she has her eye on some sea birds.

Another funny story – earlier in her boating experience, we decided to tie her to the centre mainsheet traveller (just in case).  Well, as we were coming into our berth, she spotted a dolphin swimming in the canal.  She was used to swimming with the dolphins when we are on the beach.  So it was only natural she jump straight in BUT she was tied on!  Poor girl just about strangled herself.  We again quickly scooped her up and she went happily on.  So now we don’t tie her on..

Roxy came to us from the SAFE organisation (save animals from euthanasia).  She was 8 months old and obviously had had a hard time with previous owners.  She had fur missing and the first Christmas she was given a ball and Throwing stick – well she was so scared of the plastic stick she hid under a chair for the rest of the Christmas present opening with our family.  Poor girl – so we thought she had a bad experience with sticks…

Now it’s a different story – she loves to chase and fetch a ball, loves her soft toys and has fun but her greatest joy is going to the beach and running.  She can run like the wind, she is so fast!  I can go on a couple of kilometre walk and she will run about 4 times the distance – she never stops.  Loves to spot a seagull and run and pace along beside it – it doesn’t matter if the bird is a km out to sea!!!

Roxy is very loyal to me and is a bit like my shadow.  She comes and checks every now and again to see what I am doing and where I am.  She’s lying out in the sun on the lawn right now but I expect her to come it and tell me it’s time for a walk now, Mum!

So let’s go…..

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