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Internet Business Start Up Costs

People often ask me this question:

“What can someone new to internet marketing expect to invest in the early stages of their business?”

And it’s really relevant, we all want to know what the start up costs are going to be for us to get up and running and ultimately making a profit.

So I was particularly pleased when a fellow affiliate member, Steve Winn who was visiting the MOBE film studio in Kuala Lumpur, asked this exact same question to Matt Lloyd, the Founder of MOBE.

Watch this video below and you’ll get the answer to what start up costs you can expect.

Start up costs for an internet business









Matt explains that even though this question is a difficult one to answer as there are many variables.  Such as: there is no clear cut path and because it depends on how quickly you want to grow your business.  But in his honest and frank approach you will get the gist…

He also discusses:

  • the importance of prioritizing your investment dollars and how your top expenditure should be on paid traffic methods.
  • the necessity of focusing on and mastering the skills that you need to learn right away so that you can begin to get results that you can immediately turn back over to your business.
  • understanding your average customer value and how that figure relates to your investment decisions.
  • and, the important component of any marketing campaign is the affiliate program behind it. One of the best affiliate programs on the market currently is this one HERE.
  • If you’d like more tips on how to grow your business, you should also check out this resource.

I hope you enjoyed this video lesson on start up costs for an internet business.

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